About our 1.0HP AJC 100 R


Discover our Centrifugal-Jet Pumps (Regular Type): Operating at a robust 0.75 kW and a speedy 2880 rpm, these pumps ensure a powerful flow up to 1350 lph, with an impressive reach of 80m. Optimized for 160-240V, 1Ph 50Hz.


  • Safety Enhanced: Integrated with a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP), it safeguards against overheating, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Impressive Suction: Designed for excellent suction lift capabilities, it guarantees fast and efficient water intake from sources.

  • Optimal Performance: Boasts high operating efficiency, promising maximum water flow with minimal energy consumption.

  • Versatile Installation: Unique pumpset (Twin Type) design allows both horizontal and vertical installations, offering flexibility to adapt to varied spaces and requirements.

Dive into the world of efficient water solutions with our Centrifugal-Jet Pumps, built to deliver unmatched performance and adaptability.


  • Residential: Perfect for home environments, delivering consistent water flow for daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and washing.

  • Garden: A gardener's best companion, offering optimal irrigation for plants, lawns, and water features, ensuring they thrive beautifully.

  • Water Supply: A reliable choice for municipal and community water systems, ensuring steady water provision to urban areas, neighborhoods, and public utilities.

Harness the versatility of our Centrifugal-Jet Pumps, designed to cater to a spectrum of water requirements seamlessly.

Technical Specification

Power                     : 0.75 kW

Speed                     : 2880 rpm

Head                       : Upto 80 m

Flow                        : Upto 1350 lph

Voltage Range        : 160-240V 1Ph, 50Hz

Liquid / Max.Temp  : Clear Water / 33°C

Pipe Size                : 32 x 25 x 25 mm

Insulation                : Class B, 99.9%  Copper

Material of Construction

  • Body & Housing: Crafted from lightweight and sturdy aluminium, ensuring durability and optimal heat management.

  • Impeller: Skillfully designed using robust cast iron, ensuring steady water flow and resistance to wear.

  • Winding: Features 99.9% pure copper, ensuring outstanding electrical conductivity and consistent, efficient operations.

  • Seals: Employs a top-grade mechanical seal, guaranteeing zero leakage and maximized pump life.

  • Bearings: Outfitted with lubricated sealed bearings, ensuring smooth, friction-free operations.

  • Control Valve: Expertly engineered to manage a varied range of pressures, optimizing pump efficiency.

  • Pressure Gauge: Accurately measures and displays pressure changes, enhancing operational monitoring.

Trust in the meticulous construction of our Centrifugal-Jet Pumps, blending durability with performance.

Performance Chart