About our Suction Pumps

Introducing our range of suction pumps: Power-packed, operating between 0.37 kW to 0.75 kW. Boasting a speedy 2880 rpm, they deliver flows up to 3600 lph and reach heads of 42m. Perfectly suited for clear water at temperatures up to 33°C.


  • Safety First: Comes inbuilt with a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) to prevent overheating, ensuring safe and prolonged pump operations.

  • Durable Design: Features a highly wear-resistant brass impeller, guaranteeing longevity and reduced maintenance needs.

  • Peak Efficiency: Designed for high operating efficiency, these pumps ensure optimal water flow with minimal energy consumption.

  • Impressive Suction: Boasts an exceptional suction lift capability, ensuring quick and reliable water intake even from depths.

Crafted with precision and user needs in mind, our suction pumps promise both functionality and durability, making them a top choice for varied applications.


  • Residential: Ideal for domestic needs, ensuring a steady water flow for drinking, bathing, and other household requirements. Its efficiency caters perfectly to homes, ensuring no interruptions in supply.

  • Garden: From powering sprinkler systems to maintaining ornamental ponds, our pumps keep your gardens lush and vibrant. Trust in consistent irrigation and water features that add life to your green spaces.

  • Water Supply: An impeccable solution for local water supply systems. Whether it's filling community reservoirs or supplying water to housing complexes, these pumps promise reliable delivery and optimal pressure.

Opt for our suction pumps for varied applications, each promising unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Technical Specification

Power  Range          : 0.37 kW - 0.75 kW

Speed                      : 2880 rpm

Head                        : Upto 42 m

Flow                         : Upto 3600 lph

Voltage Range         : 160-240V, 1Ph 50Hz

Liquid / Max.Temp   : Clear Water / 33°C

Insulation                : Class B, 99.9%  Copper

Material of Construction

  • Body & Housing: Skillfully constructed using a combination of lightweight aluminium and rugged cast iron, ensuring durability while optimizing heat dissipation.

  • Impeller: Precision-crafted from robust brass, guaranteeing consistent water flow and long-lasting wear resistance.

  • Winding: Features 99.9% pure copper, ensuring superior electrical conductivity, optimized performance, and prevention against overheating.

  • Seals: Incorporates a high-grade mechanical seal, ensuring zero leakage and extended operational reliability.

  • Bearings: Fitted with lubricated sealed bearings, designed for smooth operations with minimal friction.

  • Rotor: Boasts a dynamically balanced rotor, ensuring vibration-free performance and enhanced lifespan.

Our suction pumps are a testament to top-notch material excellence, promising longevity and peak efficiency.

Performance Chart