About our De-Watering Pumps

Introducing Industrial Wastewater De-watering Pumps: 0.75-1.5 kW power, efficient 2880 rpm speed, robust head up to 30 m, flow capacity reaching 29 m³/hr. Operates on 220-240 V. Ideal for challenging de-watering tasks.


  1. Inbuilt with TOP for optimal performance.
  2. Automated on/off feature for user convenience.
  3. Exceptional solid handling capacity, managing up to 10mm particles.
  4. Allows for a maximum immersion depth of 5m.
  5. Rugged construction ensures durability and longevity.
  6. Energy-efficient design reduces operational costs.
  7. Resistant to corrosion, ensuring consistent functionality.
  8. Equipped with thermal overload protection.
  9. Easy maintenance and minimal servicing required.
  10. Suitable for continuous duty operations.


  1. Efficiently pumps wastewater from various industries.
  2. Vital for drainage solutions and effective flood control.
  3. Optimal for wastewater removal from villas and municipal setups.
  4. Essential for commercial buildings to manage wastewater.
  5. Suitable for construction sites with water accumulation.
  6. Ideal for underground parking drainage.
  7. Effective in water treatment plants for sludge removal.
  8. Perfect for emergency water removal after heavy rainfall.
  9. Can be used in factories for process water drainage.
  10. A must-have for any large-scale water evacuation needs.

Technical Specification

  • Power Range: 0.75 kW-1.5 kW
  • Speed: 2880 rpm
  • Head: Upto 30 m
  • Flow: Upto 29 m³/hr
  • Voltage Range: 220-240 V 1Ph, 50 Hz
  • Degree of Protection: IP X8
  • Insulation: Class B/F 99.9% Pure Copper
  • Duty: S1 Continuous Duty
  • Max. Immersion Depth : 5 m
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal
  • Impeller Type : Closed, Vortex & Cutter
  • Max. Ambient Temp. : 40 °C
  • Delivery Size : 1" & 2"
  • Solid Handling Capacity:Upto 10 mm


Material of Construction

  • Body: Combination of robust Stainless Steel and durable Cast Iron for extended lifespan.
  • Impeller Type: Comes in variants - Closed, Vortex, and Cutter to cater to diverse requirements.
  • Unique Non-Clogging Impellers: Ensures smooth operation even with substantial waste particles.
  • Integral Float Switch: Provides automated pump control based on water levels.
  • Shaft: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainer: Designed with Stainless Steel to effectively filter out larger debris, ensuring pump longevity and efficiency.

Performance Chart